Career and Life Transition Counseling


Linda (Lin) A. Phillips
200 Army Post Road, Suite 3
Des Moines, IA 50315
Office Phone: (515) 285-1240
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Career and Life Transition Counseling can help individuals explore potential careers before an individual commits extensive amounts of time and money in preparation for a new career that may not be a good fit. Lin can help teach you to use a number of strategies, prepare for, and assist you in making career exploration contacts. Some of the strategies include:

For assistance in Assessments or making arrangements for Career Exploration activities, call Lin Phillips at (515) 285-1240
or e-mail her at

What others say:
"Lin has worked with me a few times. Interview prep has been a specific service that Lin has helped me with, but I was impressed enough with her range of knowledge that I connected her with two of my colleagues when they were at forks in their career paths. Both of them told me afterward that their time with Lin was very valuable. They both told me that Lin did a good job of creating optimism by helping them build a vision and a plan. I think that time spent on career development is always a good investment, and Lin does a very good job of leading people to make wise career decisions." Sam R